Thank you - I'm really grateful to those three friends who used to meet on a Saturday morning, enjoying their morning butty and banter. And now, thanks to Derecks compassion for his fellow Veterans, I now enjoy my morning butty and banter. The Veterans Breakfast Club in Ayrshire has definitely helped me as I did suffer with various Health issues since leaving the Military and became somewhat of a recluse. Now I look forward to getting up, dressed and heading out to my local Breakfast Club and catching up with friends I have made throughout the years. To be perfectly honest I don't know what I'd do without it now ! I love my wee Breakfast Military family, so keep going Dereck we're right behind you.

Suzanne Fernando

The best thing that has happened for Veterans in the area for a very long time. With membership steadily increasing.

Josephine Coffey

Great way to spend a morning with old friends good food and remembering good times. The breakfast club is an excellent way to bring us together after many years.

Steve Plimbley
Lichfield AFVBC

The Ayrshire Veterans Breakfast Club like all Breakfast Clubs is a brilliant place to meet up for not only a laugh at, but with, like minded people. If you have a problem then someone will be able to help or point you in the right direction. Since I have become a Breakfasteer I have made many friends that I can rely on and call on should the need arise.

Bryce Shepherd
Ayrshire Veterans Breakfast Club

My first breakfast in August and was really good, met old comrades from 44 years ago and new ex Staffordshire Regiment .I have been to the Kings a few times in the last couple of years, just love the place.

Keith Bygrave

I served for 25 years and really missed the banter. I found out about my nearest BC which was with Dereck Hardman in Hull. I suddenly had loads of friends! It's not just about the banter, if you have a problem then there will be someone that can advise and help or they will know someone who can. It's a fantastic network, you just need to plug in (and play).

Alan Clarke

Having just set this club up and had our first meeting I can honestly say they work, our location is The George and Dragon Pub Flint. The manager Lynda Leigh totally gets what the Breakfast Club is about and the banter and hospitality is second to none, we have all the links if anyone needs help as the Breakfast Club has more links than most, love the fact it’s none profit as that means it’s all about the people not money.

Hannah Barnes

X Army joined in the 70,s and did 18 years a friend is part of the Bourne team so as that's the nearest one to where I live

Alan J Shakespeare
Bourne, Lincs.

I joined the WRAC back in 1989. The Breakfast club is a great place for swapping war stories and re- living some of that special Army banter .. Sausage there is good too

Dawn Wilkinson

Having been a member of this club almost since the beginning I have to say its the nicest bunch of misfits you will ever find! If you miss the banter, if you want to talk over your problems, if you want to have a laugh or want to take part in social activities with other ex service folks this is the place to be! The members vary in age and the breakfast chat is always interesting, we have our own WW2 vet who I could listen to for hours. Elaine and the other members of the committee go out of there way to make newcomers fell welcome and they don't do a bad job of organising the odd social event :) So whatever your circumstances come along and join the fun!

Richard Chapman
Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City
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