I really struggled after being made redundant from the Army, my sense of purpose just wasn't there anymore. It wasn't til a friend of mine (also ex forces) mentioned the armed forces and veterans breakfast club so I started to look into it to find there was one less than a mile away so applied to join was asked a couple of questions and was accepted within days. Just from going to the Club (breakfast and banter) my sense of purpose has returned and I'm a lot happier thanks to the Club.

Dan Turnbull

Sunday mornings, too much chat, too many sausages, too much tea, too much fun....

Mark Carson

What an absolutely brilliant idea, not only for meeting old and new friends. Also it's a very good way to help each other if in need. Also raised funds for charity.

Robert Wetton

Great place to come for breakfast and meet people, who have done some of the things you've seen and done, Friendly Staff good food, will go again.

Michael Southall

The breakfast club is a great place to meet old friends and their families in a great atmosphere breakfast is the best meal of the day (C.Os parade) and what a great place to enjoy it.

Steve Taylor
Kings Head, Bird Street, Litchfield.

Wish we had one for comradeship but we don't in Filey.

Chris Harwood

I have now been to the breakfast club at the kingshead, Lichfield since the start earlier this year. I do find them most refreshing to go somewhere you can have a nice enjoyable breakfast,meet and chat among friends/colleagues for a couple of hour.in an informal setting. Great idea and long may it continue. Everyone has a past, we all have a future. However the bit in the middle is the part we all remember because we served in the forces. And now part of that future is the very enjoyable breakfast club. THANK YOU.

Keith Hodgson

AFVBC has changed my Dad's life and I dont say that lightly! We lost Mum Jan 2016. They were few months short of 65 years married. Me and my Sister were worried about loneliness setting in as Dad is 85 active. He attends the Skegness Branch and gets not only mothered there but gets "..the banter.." only Veterans can give and take. Without being dramatic - it has changed his life. If he hasn't been insulted within the first 5 minutes its a slow meet (they NEVER have a slow meet!). He has also been to the Charnwood Branch and met with Vets his own age , from his own regiment. Victoria Coomber was outstanding in her hospitality. THANK YOU! I advocate the AFVBC to ALL Vets, and am aghast some dont know. Soon as I ascertain someone I am dealing with through work is a Vet - the AFVBC is the topic we get onto. Dad has handed out flyers locally in Doctors Surgeries and Supermarkets where the elderly and lonely will see them. Sorry its a long testimonial - but I simply cannot endorse these clubs highly enough!

Tracy Turner

I had detached myself when i left in 95 with MD. When i discovered BC 3 years ago I found a missing piece and rediscovered a long lost family. Here i am, set up a BC which is successful and roped into LNMB Admin. Two groups that working together can make so much of a difference.


My dear wife Georgina died January 2015 after 64 good years together. Overcome with grief, loneliness and isolation I braved my first visit to 'The Vine' breakfast. An incredible transformation. So much so I now also visit other breakfast clubs within a reasonable driving distance. Recently celebrating my 85 birthday I received a greetings card signed by all the local members.

Cliff Newton
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