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Breakfast Clubs are completely FREE… And will remain free!
There are no fees or subs; they do not exist to raise funds for any national charity, organisation or business; Breakfast Clubs exist simply to facilitate veterans (also quite often current service personnel) meeting face to face in a relaxed, safe, social environment; that is our primary aim and function above all others, to allow veterans to ‘return to the tribe’.

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Club is trying to boost awareness of Veterans suicide.

Do you tweet?

Iain Henderson of the Uxbridge Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club is trying to boost awareness of Veterans’ suicide.

The proposal is to have a #TwitterStorm next Charity Tuesday 21 August 2018 from 8am.

Iain says “I am trying to boost the message about #VeteranSuicide #VeteransSuicides “

All you have to do is include those hashtags as above in posts on Twitter and all social media.

There is also a petition you can find on Iain’s Twitter @VCTrustee

It asks that in all deaths the coroners have to consider if the victim was a veteran and if it was a case of suicide. So we can establish better the scale of the problem.

Please share far and wide

You can also of course contact your MP and get them motivated.
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