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Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs are completely FREE… And will remain free!
With over 260 clubs & 26,000 members worldwide, you are bound to find a club that’s in your area. There are no fees or subs; they do not exist to raise funds for any national charity, organisation or business; Breakfast Clubs exist simply to facilitate veterans (also quite often current service personnel) meeting face to face in a relaxed, safe, social environment; that is our primary aim and function above all others, to allow veterans to ‘return to the tribe’.

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“As a clinical social worker I’ve worked for many years to help combat depression”.

As a clinical social worker, I’ve worked for many years to help combat depression, anxiety, PTSD and suicide. I did this for years as an active duty Navy social worker. I’ve done this for years as a civilian. I’m one that always asks questions. I’m passionately curious. I was stationed 3x in Okinawa – and the Okinawans live longer than anyone in the world.

Why? Is it their diet? Is it the climate? It’s all about relationships. The older Okinawans are valued, they have a purpose, they take care of everyone else. Suicide. Why is the suicide rate in the US climbing and climbing? Why is the suicide rate amongst US Veterans 2 1/2 times the national rate? It comes down to relationships. We are isolated, we are lonely, we are disconnected. Technology has only made us more so.

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