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Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs are completely FREE… And will remain free!
With over 260 clubs & 26,000 members worldwide, you are bound to find a club that’s in your area. There are no fees or subs; they do not exist to raise funds for any national charity, organisation or business; Breakfast Clubs exist simply to facilitate veterans (also quite often current service personnel) meeting face to face in a relaxed, safe, social environment; that is our primary aim and function above all others, to allow veterans to ‘return to the tribe’.

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I hope by now that everyone will have seen the fantastic new website www.afvbc.NET. The website is essential to what we do, because there’s a huge number of veterans who do not use social media (as well as outside supporting agencies), that use the internet, and it enables them to find our clubs, ending isolation for many veterans (please check your club has contact details on the website).

There were many clubs who set up a stand on Armed Forces Day this year, and benefitted from free public liability insurance, which we were able to supply for any club that wanted it.

In the future, we’d like to provide new clubs with starter packs; hard copy flyers & posters (which isn’t possible just yet), perhaps a pop up stand for outside their new venue, T-shirts for admins, table centres signifying the reserved tables for the new Breakfast Club (examples of what these may consist of).

There are inevitably overheads (website hosting, domain names, licences, registration of trademark, insurance etc), which until now, have been financed by individuals, which we are aiming to cover, and the way we are doing this is with the new AFVBC logo (pictured), which is Copyright.

We’re not talking about huge amounts of cash... that’s not necessary or wanted.... The online shop https://www.afvbc.net/shop/ sells logo’d goods which earns a small percentage for the CIC (‘Community Interest Company,’ not for profit & every penny must be/is used ‘benefit the community which it serves’, in this case, Veterans of the Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs).

The logo does not belong to any individual, but to the CIC, which is the formal support framework for all the Breakfast Clubs (it belongs to ALL of the Breakfast Club Organisation!). If clubs wish to use the logo for retail items for their clubs, please contact us with the details, but we hope to have a full range on the shop in the very near future.

The CIC is there to support clubs with the above services, so we hope your club chooses to support the CIC in return by contacting us before using it, so we can send a letter of consent to the supplier, and arrange for the aforementioned percentage payment.

“Building Heroes” – Free Skills Training for the Military Family.

Building Heroes is a charity providing free skills training to the entire Military family and support into employment

Our aim is to tackle unemployment amongst those who have kept us safe by offering them a seamless transition to a new career in construction.
The Building Heroes Foundation in Property Maintenance Programme delivers a free certified 5-week diploma course at a variety of colleges around the UK.

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